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Austin Kennedy

// Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin


Austin brings his infectious (but not contagious... or maybe it's vice versa... ) humor into much of the Stumble Creek songwriting. His seasoned vocals and instrumental chops provide much of the bounce and tumble of the band's sound,

Sara Stovall

// Vocals, Fiddle


When she was four years old, Sara ran into the kitchen where her mother was washing her little sister's birthday cake off the dishes, and she proceeded to pitch a hissy fit that climaxed in a demand for a violin. The rest is history (occasional hissy fits included). 

Heather Downie

// Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin


Heather is a longtime local favorite whose singing and songwriting elicit emotion through her original heartfelt lyrics and soulful musical melodies. 

Tom Hicks

// Vocals, Upright Bass


Tom holds down the steady beat and adds the bottom to both the music and the vocals.

A former mandolinist, he has found a home with the bass.

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